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EucalyptusIn Una Grande Tenuta Nel Cuore Dell Australia Vive Un Uomo Solitario, Di Nome Holland, Con La Giovane Figlia Ellen Nel Corso Degli Anni Ellen Diventa Una Donna Bellissima, Holland Pianta Centinaia Di Diverse Specie Di Eucalipti Holland Decide, Quando La Figlia Compie Diciannove Anni, Che La Dar Solo A Chi Sapr Riconoscere Le Varie Specie Di Eucliptus Solo Un Anziano Esperto Sapr Identificare Ogni Albero Ma Un Giovane Che Si Aggira Per La Tenuta Sapr Far Innamorare La Ragazza.

[Download] ➾ Eucalyptus ➹ Murray Bail – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Eucalyptus
  • Murray Bail
  • Italian
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9788804458333

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    I found this to be an enjoyable modern day fairy tale written in a rather unusual way The prose is outstandingly beautiful and needs to be read slowly and carefully but at the same time the central story demands the reader s attention and there is an urgency to get to the end and find out what happens Then the author introduces a character who tells stories These are nec...

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    There go those blurbs again, tricking me into thinking that I could actually enjoy the book Best courtship story , it said New York Times Notable Book of the Year , it said.Holland acquires a land, and then eventually becomes obsessed with planting eucalyptus trees in it His daughter, Ellen, grows up to be a beauty, and he decides he will let the man who can name all species of eucalypti in his land marry his daughter Dozens of suitors tried to no avail Until Ellen meets a mysterious man under a eucalyptus tree, who proceeds to tell her stories and thus, a curious courtship begins Sounds like a fairy tale to me, and boy do I love fairy tales.That s not what I got Maybe I could have enjoyed the courtship story, if I weren t being constantly bombarded with facts and passages about eucalypti, which I ve never seen in my life It s a story with lots of stories in it, and sometimes the author steps out of line and discusses the book itself I just couldn t like the writing style I just wanted to know what the courtship was So I skimmed through the pages and gathered that This book literally is about eucalyptus Murray Bail writes like an old man who writes for o...

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    Nothing else, I guess Eucalyptus lives up to its title It s about a man whose wife dies while giving birth to their daughter The man collects the life insurance, moves to a small town in western New South Wales, and plants eucalypts lots of them Apparently there are over 200 specie of this plant Once his daughter is of a marriageable age he makes an Atalantan as in the golden apple race myth deal to marry her off to the first suitor who can name all the various eucalypts on his land That process is basically Act II of the book, and it s about as exciting as it sounds Oh, and each chapter is named for a specie of Eucalypt.This was ultimately a very frustrating book I mean I love eucalyptus trees about as much as a kola bear does But, we re talking a predictable plodding plot And, sexist oh honey, it s all that in a way that defies direct implication beautiful inactive frequently naked daughters, grotesque obsessive delinquently powerful men, arranged marriages, little snipes here and there like in speaking of the outback let s not forget the isolation, the exhausted shapeless women which as a hiccup might almos...

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    Jan 2015 I ve recently read this for the third time and relished the opportunity to slow down and enjoy Bail s language, and the slow and intricate windings of the multiple stories which make up this treasure of a book.The main narrative line is a clever and gentle adaptation of a traditional folk tale form transformed in its relocation to an isolated Australian farm The seemingly impossible quest set by a father for suitors of his daughter is to name all the Eucalyptus trees he has planted on his property Unwelcome suitors arrive and fail No heads lost, they are just sent packing.All the while, the unassuming eventual winner is present, and sets out to woo the daughter herself rather than the father by telling stories inspired by the trees Very nicely, I thought, the father has previously warned his beautiful daughter to beware of any man who deliberately tells a story it s worth asking, when a man starts concocting a story in front of you Why is he telling it What does he want pp52 53 When the stranger appears and starts to tell stories, they are so unlike anything Ellen has heard before that she is entranced The stranger s stories are all inspired by the eucalyptus trees, their names ironbark, bloodwood, fuchsia gum , their flowers, the shape...

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    After getting a hefty insurance cheque because he wagered his wife would have twins one is still born , Holland buys an almost treeless property in western New South Wales His wife has passed away he has only his little girl, Ellen He s no farmer He starts planting eucalyptus trees on the farm and it soon turns into a hobby, then an obsession Holland, son of a baker and a boiled lolly maker, becomes a leading expert in the field , and has managed to get a specimen of all the species, and got them to grow As Ellen grows up, she becomes stunningly beautiful, her face speckled with freckles, moles, so that the eye wanders all over She gets and attention from the lads in town, until Holland makes a decision The man who can name every tree on the property will win his daughter s hand in marriage.So begins an amusing charade of suitors failing to get past the first few trees, up until Mr Cave, who names them all Meanwhile, an unnamed man courts Ellen amongst the trees with stories woven in and inspired by the names of the different trees, and in doing so names them all before Mr Cave.This is a book of stories within stories, as well as snippets of information, facts, history, and cultural conundrums One of my favourite stories is about the green grocer in Carlton who makes pictures out of fruit to attract the attention of a pretty but ...

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    2 hour trip to botanical gardens fun and interesting 200 page book about every eucalyptus known to man dreadful.woman allowing father to marry her off to stranger who wins an insufferable tree naming contest in a fairy tale quaint.in modern society substantially irritating.

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    There s a very fairy tale like quality about this book that I liked a lot, and the very Australian flavor of the narration made it a highly unusual read for me as well I have some issues with the passivity of the heroine which isn t a terribly surprising thing given the heavy fairy tale flavor of the story , but found it a worthwhile read anyway.This novel s all about how a man named Holland in Australia has planted hundreds of species of eucalyptus trees on his ranch, and how he proclaims that the man who names them all will win the hand of Ellen, his beautiful daughter Very definitely a fairy tale sort of task, and with that laying the groundwork for the plot, we get several other things you d expect in a fairy tale as well the remote location, the nearby tiny village, dozens of dauntless suitors who fall by the wayside, a challenger at last who Ellen does not want and who breezes through the task as if he were born to it And of course we have a mysterious wanderer, who captures Ellen s heart by spinning her dozens of stories, and whose disappearance sends Ellen spiraling into a decline until he finally returns at the end to prove himself victorious over her father s challenge.All very nice, and overall I really had only ...

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    Eucalyptus is a fairy tale and contains all the elements you would expect in a fairy tale, recast in a rural Australian setting there s mythical beauty, a princess trapped in her castle, suitors from distant lands and an enchanted forest Whether it s the Australian setting or Bail s cleverly created characters, the story comes across as wholly believable which in itself is magical.Each chapter is named after a species of eucalypt and includes a string of short, intricate and seemingly inconsequential stories which link to varying degrees to the name, characteristics or habitat of particular eucalypt species The stories are told from the point of view of different characters achieved most successfully through the character known only as the stranger His stories begin with enticing opening lines such as Off the coast of Victoria was a wife of a lighthouse keeper who became addict...

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    I was given this by Kirsten after she d spent some time wandering around the suburban streets in our area They still feature many beautiful specimens of the eucalyptus, developers and other anti tree people not withstanding It would help me know them, she said.This is a botanic guide, embedded with a fairy story, which, like all fairy stories, I guess, is hard to pin down I felt like it was olden and yet from time to time...

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    This peculiar, unique book really appealed to me, and when I finished, I considered starting it all over again It s a physically short book I don t know how many words , but the mix of short anecdotes, little stories and botanical information that pop up unexpectedly actually don t interrupt the flow of the main story, they add depth I m never going to remember all the interest...

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