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Power PlayAn Off Site Corporate Event Gone Disastrously Wrong The Largest Ransom In History The Price Tag Dead Or Alive Now, In Joseph Finder S Explosive Thriller Power Play , It S Up To Jake Landry A Modest, Steady Guy With A Dark, Hidden Past To Save Them AllIt Was The Perfect Retreat For A Troubled Company No Cell Phones No BlackBerrys No Cars Just A Deluxe Lodge Surrounded By Thousands Of Miles Of Wilderness And A Desolate Seacoast.Jake Landry Is A Junior Executive At The Hammond Aerospace Corporation, A Steady, Modest, And Taciturn Guy With A Gift For Keeping His Head Down And A Turbulent Past He Prays He S Put Behind Him Ordered To Fill In For His Boss At The Annual Offsite, He S Out Of His Element He S Uncomfortable With The Lavish Accommodations And Especially With The Arrogant, Swaggering Men Who Run The Company And The Only Person He Knows There Is The New Special Assistant To The CEO Who Happens To Be Jake S Ex.Then A Band Of Hunters, Apparently Lost In The Woods, Crash The Opening Night Festivities Soon The Execs Of A Billion Dollar Company, Cut Off From The Rest Of The World, Find Themselves At The Mercy Of A Group Of Men With Gunsand A Cunning Plan To Take Hammond Aerospace For All It S Worth.But The Hostage Takers Aren T Who They Appear To Be And Neither Is Jake Landry The High Flyers Hadn T Wanted Jake To Come Along Now He S The Only One Who Can Save Them.

[PDF / Epub] ✪ Power Play ☆ Joseph Finder – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Power Play
  • Joseph Finder
  • English
  • 08 September 2019
  • 9780312347505

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    4.5 Stars, rounded up to 5What a great book Jake Landry is a junior executive at the Hammond Aerospace Corporation He s also a steady, modest guy with a sense of humor who has a turbulent past he wants to keep in the past Ordered to fill in for his boss at the annual offsite, he s out of his element He s uncomfortable with the lavish accommodations and especially with the arrogant, swaggering men who run the company Then a band of hunters crashes the opening night festivities Yet, why are they carrying army weapons rather than hunting guns Landry s past is told through flashbacks built in throughout the story, which was my least favorite part of the book The chapters didn t have headings so many times, when I thought I was reading about the present, I found I was reading about Jakes s past It was a bit jarring At ...

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    After bouncing amongst types of thrillers in his earlier books several of which I enjoyed this author has settled into the corporate thriller genre, which means than just office politics and usually includes guns and violence This author s formula introduce a regular guy protagonist, blow up his everyday work a day world and abracadabra our hero in this moment of great need and danger discovers strengths and skills heretofore unbeknownst to both him and his peers I believe I ve read all of Finder s books, but I m not sure which is part of the problem Finder s recent books read very much the same to me and are flat and predictable Power Play is no exception.The premise of Power Play is intriguing High level executives from the fictional firm Hammond Aerospace take their annual off site meeting at an impossibly remote location and it turns into the company retreat from Hell Our hero, Jake Landry, is a mid level staffer who, when his boss is detained overseas, is invited at the last minute to attend the executive soir e In the midst of the first night s dinner complete with plenty of booze and extravagant dishes several unexpected guests show up at the door and things turn ugly very ugly And voila, average guy Jake becomes the go to guy and needs to save the day.There are several po...

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    Executives having a corporate retreat in a Canadian hunting lodge that s the begining of what looks like a corporate thriller But then the executives are taken hostage by a group of armed men who appear to be redneck hunters looking for a big pay day Nothing is as it seems.Some have called Joseph Finder the John Grisham of the corporate thriller I disagree Joseph Finder is well versed on the corporate world His protagon...

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    Well done and exciting mystery suspense thriller.The beginning reminded me of Die Hard and Deliverance A group of top executives are held hostage by five military types with guns in a remote location Ordinary guy Jake is willing to take risks to do things against the hostage takers He does unexpected things Jake is not the military type What he does have comes partly from surviving 18 months in jail as a teenager The characters and plot are well developed Dialogue is good A couple lines I liked follow.He I owe you one She Zoe One One squared like He That s still one Zoe A judge tells Jake he has a good wolf and a bad wolf inside him He asks which one will win She says the one you feed.There is a happy ending for the good guys which I liked.I have a few complaints, which are minor.1 I don t like first person books But this is one of the better ones.2 There were many interruptions in the current story to tell Jake s back story about his time in juvenile prison and his abusive father I would have preferred it done in fewer larger pieces not many small pieces.3 The back stories needed an intro title or something One sentence is the last sentence of the current scene The next sentence is in the back story and I was confused not knowing we had moved to the back stor...

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    This is a fun, engaging novel starring a low to mid level corporate employee who gets caught up in corporate intrigue and an offsite gone wrong I m not going to say for fear of spoiling the plot I ver...

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    Following up my pleasure at discovering Finder s Vanished, I perused the shelves at the local library and found Power Play which promised of the same high octane enjoyment Low key, junior executive Jake Landry is a last minute substitute for his company s high powered executive retreat at a remote lodge with no cell phone or internet access That sounds relaxing but company politics are at a high boil thanks to the new female CEO who is instituting a lot of ethical policies that the good, ol boys don t cotton to Jake s difficult background have imbued him with qualities that come in handy when dealing with ethical quandries and obnoxious, powerful people and probably when a group of backwoods hunters crash the retreat with vicious intentions.FINAL EVALUATIONThis was not as satisfying as the Nick Heller book which started me reading Finder s other books However, it wasn t popcorn I d turn up my nose at The main character s story, told partially in flashbacks, was interesting in t...

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    Five stars is not enough This book was great One of the cover blurbs stated that once you start reading it you won t be able to put it down Well I thought, once kids and grandkids attack every book falls quickly to the wayside.Wrong I finished this one at the horse barn where my oldest granddaughter was riding in preparation for an upcoming horse show I couldn t put it down I kept wondering about what turn the story might make next when I tried to come a stopping p...

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    This was yet another terrific read Finder really knows how to tell a tale and he s at his best when company politics and corporations are involved The pacing was quick and the tension and thrills were virtually non stop The plot was well formulated and exciting The characters were very well written and I found myself feeling some sort of emotion for almost all of them, even minor characters I enjoyed the flashback scenes that were sprinkled throughout that told of the main character Jake s backstory This was a much grittier and hard nosed Finder novel then what I have read previously and I enjoy the fact tha...

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    A testosterone laden action thriller Fast paced and enjoyable, especially if you re the type of reader who s also drawn to Bruce Willis movies.

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    Interesting and pretty scary too Such a good author for making sure all the details are thought of and tied up at the end.

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