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The Emerald AtlasDrei Geschwister, Drei Magische B Cher, Ein Gro Es GeheimnisIn Einer Verschneiten Winternacht Werden Die Geschwister Kate, Michael Und Emma Aus Ihrem Heim Gejagt Versprich Mir, Dass Du Auf Deinen Bruder Und Deine Schwester Aufpasst Das Hatte Kates Mutter Ihr Noch Eingebl Ut, Bevor Die Drei Von Einem Schwarz Gekleideten Mann Abgeholt Wurden Und Ihre Eltern Nie Wieder Sahen Zehn Jahre Sp Ter Wissen Sie Noch Immer Nicht, Warum Ihre Familie Damals Getrennt Wurde Doch Die Antwort Scheint In Einem Magischen Buch Zu Liegen, Das Ihnen Unerwartet In Die H Nde F Llt, Und Durch Das Sie Endlich Die Wahrheit Erfahren Wollen.

✸ The Emerald Atlas Books ⚦ Author John  Stephens – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • The Emerald Atlas
  • John Stephens
  • German
  • 23 January 2019
  • 9783442477470

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    I requested this book thinking that it would be a fun and magical children s story aimed at 8 10 year olds, like with the Percy Jackson series, but I was really surprised by the complexity and depth in this book, as well as the darkness, and loved every minute of reading it I m actually a little disappointed that I ll now have to wait for so long to read the next book and see what happens Kate, Michael and Emma have been shunted from orphanage to orphanage for 10 years, since being removed from their parents house one Christmas Eve with a kiss and a promise that they ll be reunited again one day Then, after missing their last chance at placement with a foster family, they are sent to Cambridge Falls, where they stumble on an adventure that has been both 15 and thousands of years in the making This story reminded me of other children s stories but only little bits and pieces There was nothing I could really point to and say, Oh, he was inspired by THIS story here, or anything like that, it was just an impression that I had I was reminded of Harry Potter, only kind of in reverse, with the opening scene of the ...

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    Das sch nste Jugend Fantasy Buch, dass ich seid langem gelesen habe Ein toller Auftakt freue mich auf die n chsten beiden B nde Volle Punktzahl und eine absolute Leseempfehlung

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    AHHHHHHH So good.First impressions 1 The story is amazing It s fantastical, magical, fast paced and action packed 2 Characters are love The relationships between Kate, Michael and Emma are great There is a fierce love and hate like with all siblings relationship between them And their growth and development is outstanding There ar...

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    WOW.This was as magical as Harry Potter and as epic as Narnia The Emerald Atlas was simply a delight to read.This is a fantastic children s fantasy The characters are engaging and each has their own personality, making it easy to relate to at least one And they have flaws They have real believable flaws.The world is simply enchanting It is built so well that I could imagine it all so well at points I wondered to myself if there had been a dramatisation of this made because it really came to life There are your common fantasy races like dwarves and witches, but then there are some brand new and quite terrifying additions.The plot is fantastic there are aspects of mystery that don t end as you think they will It twists and turns and helps to weave this marvellous story And that ending Just when you think everything has calmed down, ...

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    If I was 10 15 younger I would rate this book 5 5 without a doubt Now I am maybe bit too old but I enjoyed it, it was lovely book.Must read for fans of books like Narnia or comics like Amulet

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    The Emerald Atlas reads like a mix of C.S.Lewis s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, J.K.Rowling s Harry Potter, and even Lemony Snicket s A Series of Unfortunate Events It was just too much so many plots and elements taken from every other popular series that Stephens almost fails to deliver his own twists, his unique charms, to the novel Stephen s protagonists are not unfamiliar They re almost archetypal And certainly, the re very reminiscent of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire particularly Michael Klaus s bookish ways Gabriel was like a mix of my favorite giant, Hagrid, and Narnia s Aslan Dr Pym was clearly another version of Albus Dumbledore Aside from that, I m getting quite fed up with this whole orphan concept, with the kids getting sympathy from readers due to this longing and missing their parents The whole gotta rescue my parents who are trapped by some great evil plot is overused too I really just wished Stephens could have done something new, added another twist to them being lonely orphans The general plot is intriguing, but painstakingly underdeveloped and filled with ludicrous and overused elements I m a big fan of time traveling concepts, but unfortunately, The Emerald Atlas just confused me with this telling of dual universes and just the technicalities and loop holes of such details I don ...

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    Lectura muy entretenida que mantiene atrapado al lector con una intriga que ya se advierte desde las primeras p ginas, muy bien narrada de principio a fin y con el toque de humor justo que te hace sonre r en m s de una ocasi n con ciertos personajes Excelente desarrollo de las aventuras que viven los protagonistas, eso s con mucha influencia de otros libros del g nero fant stico pero en aconteci...

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    JK Rowlings Harry Potter series resulted in a cataclysmic change in fantasy fiction for children Forty years ago science fiction was marketed to children and young adults Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey and Ursula LeGuin were available at the library, but fantasy was mostly missing This is not to say fantasy novels were not available, but it was primarily limited to Tolkien s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit It was not until The Sword of Shannara was published in 1977 and became a huge bestseller that fantasy and epic fantasy at that became a huge wave in fiction for adults.Rowlings proved that younger readers will read long epic novels with children characters and paved the way for big epic fantasy to be sold to kids A lot of it is now available, and is on the way Rick Riordan is a huge bestseller with his series tied to godlings, but there are also traditional fantasy, albeit it with young kids as the main characters The Emerald Atlas is the first volume in a promising trilogy about the Books of Beginning, books of magic in which the great wizards of the world recorded magical spells Stephens plans to write a novel about each of the Books of Beginning, and theoretically each will be about one of his main characters.The three main characters, Kate the eldest girl, who turns out to be connected to the Atlas, Emma the youngest, the tough one...

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    OkayI torn here I d like to go a bit than 3 stars here, but if I do I ll need to go find all my 4 star books and move them up to 5, then what do i do with the 5 star books So, stuck with 3 and telling you i find it a bit better than just 3.You will, if like me, you occasionally pick up a YA book or if you have YAs in your life and read with them, find some of this book somewhat familiar A group of 3 children rather than a single child are whisked away into the night away from their parents because an evil and powerful mage magus is after them Why Because of a prophecyof course.Don t give up This isn t really another Harry Potter wanna be well I suppose it does aspire to the sales and popularity but it does have some similarities with those books and a few others Still, given time it manages to forge it s own story mostly and tells it pretty well.I did find these 3 of the most annoying children I ve run across in YA fiction especially Emma the youngest but bear up the book is readable and pulls itself to...

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    While it is possible for a plot to be too simple, this author seemed to believe that his story would get better and better the complicated he could make the plot What we end up with is three protagonists who are rarely together so we have to follow at least two and sometimes three different story lines at the same time with constant shifting between them, not to mention all the not very well defined time traveling and it s kind of a mess There are two or three chapters near the end which seem to be added just to try to explain everything else that happened But by the time I got to those chapters, I had stopped caring The author was too busy spinning a web to make us care about any of the main characters Even the names were not consistant We have one character who is alternately refered to as the witch or the countess and...

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