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Gringo viejoDragostea, Moartea Si Destinul Se Intrepatrund Pasional Si Violent In B Tr Nul Gringo , Romanul Care L A Facut Faimos In Statele Unite Pe Carlos Fuentes, Scriitorul Mexican Contemporan Nr 1.Daca Vrei Sa Ti Stapanesti Destinul Trebuie Sa Alegi Tu Insuti Cum Vrei Sa Traiesti, Dar Si Cum Sau Cand Vrei Sa Mori Dar Ajunge Asta Un Batran Scriitor American, Care Vrea Sa Moara De Glont, Se Alatura Revolutiei Lui Pancho Villa Intra Sub Comanda Unui Tanar General, Care A Decis Ca Nu Si Va Pierde Tineretea Tanara Americanca De Care Se Indragostesc Amandoi, La Prima Vedere, E Cea Care Le Va Duce Destinul Pana La Capat.

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    The author, Fuentes 1928 2012 , was a prolific writer of about two dozen novels and half that many collections of short stories He s probably the best known Mexican writer to Americans, especially for his books Aura and The Death of Artemio Cruz.This novel is a fictional account of what might have happened to the American writer and journalist, Ambrose Bierce 1842 1914 Bierce, a muck raking journalist for Hearst s newspapers was also well known as the author of The Devil s Dictionary and a much anthologized short story of an execution during the Civil War, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Bierce traveled to Mexico in 1914 when he was 71 Apparently he wanted to join up with or perhaps write stories about Pancho Villa s rebels In any case, he was never seen again, so he created an enduring literary mystery Fuentes assumes Bierce came to Mexico to die giving new meaning to the phrase crossing the border Bierce had poor relations with his family and had had two sons die tragically from alcohol or suicide Fuentes also paints him as regretting his journalistic career specialized in sarcasm and ridicule The story It revolves around three people Bierce, the Old Gringo a Mexican general fighting the dictator s Federales troops and hoping to hook up with Villa in Mexico City, and a young woman freshly arrived from the US who was hired as a nanny and tutor to the children of wealthy hacienda owne...

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    Highly oneiric Revolutionary Mexico Swift jumps from conciousness to conciousness, yet with the purpose of generating a coherent narrative The language is spritely, sullen, erotic by turns The old gringo, American journalist and author Ambrose Bierce, is a bitter man come to Mexico seeking death at the hands of the revolution He meets the younger rebel General Tomas Arroyo whose innate machismo turns his relationship with the old gringo into a Game of Manhood A game only the general seems to be playing The old gringo fearlessly marches straight into the most dangerous faceoffs with the Federales He seems invulnerable, god like The bullets don t so much as graze him Arroyo s rebels marvel at him Arroyo resents the gringo for stealing his thunder In a comandeered train the general, his army, and the gringo cross the desert for a day and a night to the famous Miranda Hacienda It was here that Arroyo was fathered by Se or Miranda It was here Arroyo grew up and came to know intimately his nation s aristocracy It is in the destruction of the hacienda that the genera...

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    Gringo Viejo The old gringo, Carlos FuentesThe Old Gringo Spanish Gringo Viejo is a novel by Carlos Fuentes, first published in 1985 2002 1378 212 9645625785 1393 186 9789642091676 20 1985 1913 71

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    1910 .Old Gringo 1989, Directed by Luis BoenzoMusic by Lee Holdridge

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    Ambrose Bierce 20 .

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    N o uma estopada grande, porque o livro pequeno 200 p ginas As personagens foram recortadas de uma banda desenhada humor stica e coladas entre peda os de prosa descritiva competente, perdendo o humor todo no processo Aguentamos mais umas patacoadas sobre a condi o humana e l c...

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    Such a simple plot the old man goes to Mexico to die in the Revolution All he wants is a dignified death But of course, there is a woman involved, and a Mexican general This is a short book but it may as well have been War and Peace based on how long it took me to read it, maybe because it s written like poetry than prose, forcing me to slow down, re read, savor the language and question its meaning There are themes here than I can probably even recognize Death, life, love, national borders, what it means to be a parent, or a daughter son, sex, dignity, true human relationships, time, poverty, power, identity And none of them are painted in black and white No, there are no real answers here And at times the reader really can t be blamed for wondering what is really happening, the narrative is so subjective And yet the uncertainties seem to come closer to approaching any semblance of real truth than bold and specific claims in black and white ever could Each of us carries his Mexico and his United States within him, a dark and bloody frontier we dare to cross only at night Then the roving consciousness that was the seal and the fascination of his imagination, if not his genius, asked the old gringo Did you know she has been creating you just as you were creating her Did you know, old man, that she had created a plan for living for you Did you know we are all the object of another s imagination You might think this turns out...

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