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Reclaiming Prophetic Witness In This Clarion Call To Action, Leading Unitarian Universalist Theologian Paul Rasor Dispels The Myth That Conservative Christianity Is The Only Valid Religious Voice In The National Debates On Social Policy Showing That Religious Liberals Are Numerous Than Many Realize, He Calls On Them To Embrace Their Prophetic Heritage And Bring Their Religious Convictions To Bear On The Issues Of Our Time Reclaiming Prophetic Witness Will Lift Your Spirit, While Inspiring You To Lift Your Voice And Reclaim A Place In The Public Square.Foreword By 2011 Frederic G Melcher Book Award Winner Dan McKanan.

[[ KINDLE ]] ❀ Reclaiming Prophetic Witness  Author Paul B. Rasor – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Reclaiming Prophetic Witness
  • Paul B. Rasor
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9781558966765

    10 thoughts on “[[ KINDLE ]] ❀ Reclaiming Prophetic Witness Author Paul B. Rasor – Buyantivirus.us

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    Rasor s encouragement for religious liberals, especially Unitarian Universalists, to be publicly religious grounded witnesses and advocates for social justice is helpful and important work for small group ministries and congregations to consider Rasor names reasons many religious liberals fail to explain or cite their religious convictions when participat...

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    A long overdue clearing up of religiously liberal confusion about the separation of church and state and a call to carry our convictions into the public square As religious liberals, we know that we are united in a single interdependent world, th...

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    Four stars for being challenging, at least Where do I actually draw the lines between church and state By drawing them to firmly for ourselves do we allow religious politics to be dominated by unrepresentatively conservative voices Almost all of the bad examples given of enga...

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    I read this book because it is the UU common read for 2014 15 The book starts strong with a lot of very interesting background on the religious composition of the U.S As well as discussions about what makes religions liberal or non liberal It also discusses that liberal religion is not the same as being liberal politically although there may be some correlate between the two.It then does a good job of analyzing why UUs may be hesitant to introduce their religion when publicly debating important issues and discusses why it may be proper to do so I was doing find about 65% of the way through the book thinking there might be some Where do we go from here when the book just stopped The remaining 35% or so was notes It was clear that the book was very well researched As I said, the early part was chock full of facts but the abrupt ending was somewhat unsatisfying In many ways, the books intent seems to be a justification for the rational introduction of religion int...

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    Being a member of a Unitarian Universalist church, I read this book because it was selected as the Common Read for UUs for the year Rasor makes a good case for religious liberals having influence in society than what they given credit for.

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    This is the UU Common Read for 2014 2015.

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    A good reflection why the liberal religious voice is not heard in the public square and how we need to own our voices.

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    It s a fine book, but for one steeped in UU Theology, there is not much new here, and 40% of the book is notes.

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    I read this as part of the Common Read program at my church The basic premises were established in the first 20 pages, but then much repetition.

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    Why does the word religious seem to pertain mostly to the religious right in America Good question, but deserves better treatment than was done in this book Still worth reading.

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