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The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's CraftThe Muses Among Us Is An Inviting, Encouraging Book For Writers At Any Stage Of Their Development In A Series Of First Person Letters, Essays, Manifestos, And Notes To The Reader, Kim Stafford Shows What Might Happen At The Creative Boundary He Calls What We Almost Know On The Boundary S Far Side Is Our Story, Our Poem, Our Song On This Side Are The Resonant Hunches, Griefs, Secrets, And Confusions From Which Our Writing Will Emerge Guiding Us From Such Glimmerings Through To A Finished Piece Are A Wealth Of Experiments, Assignments, And Tricks Of The Trade That Stafford Has Perfected Over Thirty Years Of Classes, Workshops, And Other Gatherings Of Writers.Informing The Muses Among Us Are Stafford S Own Convictions About Writing Principles To Which He Returns Again And Again We Must, Stafford Says, Honor The Fragments, Utterances, And Half Discovered Truths Voiced Around Us, For Their Speakers Are The Prophets To Whom Writers Are Scribes Such Filaments Of Wisdom, Either By Themselves Or Alloyed With Others, Give Rise To Our Poems, Stories, And Essays In Addition, As Stafford Writes, All Pleasure In Writing Begins With A Sense Of Abundance Rich Knowledge And Boundless Curiosity By Recommending Ways For Students To Seek Beyond The Self For Material, Stafford Demystifies The Process Of Writing And Claims For It A Whitmanesque Quality Of Participation And Community.

!!> Read ➹ The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's Craft ➼ Author Kim Stafford – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's Craft
  • Kim Stafford
  • English
  • 28 September 2017
  • 9780820324968

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    I was unimpressed with this collection of anecdotes Short stories Inspirational, personal experiences I really could not take the author seriously after he wrote that he gleans inspiration from other people s conversations that he feels are creative and good enough to write down Further, I found that this collection lacked direction and purpose and didn t feel authentic Every chapter I read I asked myself, if this was actually based on his own experiences or if it sprung from another person s moment of ...

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    This is the best book for writing inspiration I ve ever read Kim Stafford has such a gentle and wise touch Enjoy

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    Maybe I read it too fast Maybe it was like stuffing your mouth with rich desserts before a meal Maybe I should have read a chapter a month, mentally chewed 100 times before swallowing, but I don t think I fully appreciated Stafford s ideas The one I remember most is hackneyed carry around a pocket sized notebook and jot ...

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    The summer I was seventeen 1995 , I was fortunate enough to do one of Kim Stafford s writing residencies at Lewis and Clark College I had been writing poems and journaling for a few years, but that summer was a huge leap in my writing life We did an abundance of writing and talking about writing and reading each other s writing every waking hour of the day It was incredible and exhilarating to be with a community of people who shared my passion I continued to seek out opportunities like this through college and into graduate school and as a result, I know my writing is so much aware, alive and ablaze.Over twenty years later, this book echoes with all of those gatherings around campus, each of us trying to find the words and encourage the words to spill from one another I marked so many passages, copied so many lines to keep within my sight each and every day I sit down to write This is one of the many We are on a tough road in good company, we writers When we g...

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    A quirky collection of essays on writing and the writing life Stafford is overly fond of repeating how he carries a small handmade notebook in his shirt pocket to write snippets of conversations he overhears I knew this about him this past summer at a weeklong writing workshop and made sure I d...

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    Reading the last chapter of this book in the months after the 2016 Presidential Election casts Mr Stafford s observations about the 2000 Presidential Election in an entirely new light I m thankful for the value this book encourages all of us to place on...

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    This is an excellent writing craft book, one I ll keep on my go to shelf It is deceptively simple, but powerful and wise Kim Stafford is an excellent teacher I ve taken an online class with him and I appreciate his easeful, no pressure approach to writing I needed th...

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    This small book, written by Kim Stafford, son of Oregon Poet Laureate William Stafford, addresses the developing writer with letters, essays, and manifestos We are guided to our finished work by Stafford s wealth of experiments, assignments, and tricks of the writing craft.Kim shows us in this inspiring book that writing begins with listening to outer as well as inner voices Kim describes the kinds of writers he seeks Yes, I prefer anonymous her naked, indelible call.Your own grandmother softly putting you to sleep with a hum.Or best of all, someone we have not yet read, someone wide eyed,big hearted, listening among us now, whose fist can barely hold a pen I really like the chapter Quilting Your Solitudes , about stitching together a series of stories or ideas that initially seem completely disparate, but have a continuous thread actually running through them Stafford gives five books as examples, so I will read all of those as my homework this month The chapter on Happy Problems shows...

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    Kim s book is a letter to our life at this time As such is speaks with clarity and wisdom about our role as writers to listen to the words around us It is an encouraging book to follow our hunches, griefs, secrets and confusions in life since these are our greatest guiding gifts He talks about quilting our experiences, We live a sequence of limited sensations threaded by time into a longer curve of developing experience This is why we are required to honor small moments of learning, to have faith in fragments, and over time to quilt our solitudes into whole structures This is the first book of Kim s I have read, but I have read and been inspired by many of his father s books on writing The Stafford family seems to carry the germ of hum...

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    In writing class, the teacher used portion of the chapter Quilting Your Solitudes A Letter to My Class for an assigment Based on that, I bought the book I found the content sluggish and so eye crossingly esoteric Found it difficult to connect the content to anything useful other than something pretty to read in tiny doses Not a book I would buy for ...

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