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Imagine Did You Know That The Most Creative Companies Have Centralized Bathrooms That Brainstorming Meetings Are A Terrible Idea That The Color Blue Can Help You Double Your Creative Output From The Best Selling Author Of How We Decide Comes A Sparkling And Revelatory Look At The New Science Of Creativity Shattering The Myth Of Muses, Higher Powers, Even Creative Types, Jonah Lehrer Demonstrates That Creativity Is Not A Single Gift Possessed By The Lucky Few It S A Variety Of Distinct Thought Processes That We Can All Learn To Use Effectively.Lehrer Reveals The Importance Of Embracing The Rut, Thinking Like A Child, Daydreaming Productively, And Adopting An Outsider S Perspective Travel Helps He Unveils The Optimal Mix Of Old And New Partners In Any Creative Collaboration And Explains Why Criticism Is Essential To The Process Then He Zooms Out To Show How We Can Make Our Neighborhoods Vibrant, Our Companies Productive, And Our Schools Effective.You Ll Learn About Bob Dylan S Writing Habits And The Drug Addictions Of Poets You Ll Meet A Manhattan Bartender Who Thinks Like A Chemist, And An Autistic Surfer Who Invented An Entirely New Surfing Move You Ll See Why Elizabethan England Experienced A Creative Explosion, And How Pixar S Office Space Is Designed To Spark The Next Big Leap In Animation.Collapsing The Layers Separating The Neuron From The Finished Symphony, Imagine Reveals The Deep Inventiveness Of The Human Mind And Its Essential Role In Our Increasingly Complex World.

[Epub] ↠ Imagine  Author Jonah Lehrer – Buyantivirus.us
  • Audio CD
  • Imagine
  • Jonah Lehrer
  • English
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9781455877218

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    The short version Lehrer draws together some interesting ideas, but I feel like his rhetorical flourish sometimes gets in the way of the point he s trying to make His main point here is that creativity and innovation arises when we freely mingle within diverse ideas, but sometimes it seems like he s too busy boosting for entrepreneurs and big cities, and he lets that get in the way of his central thesis Side note I waffled between 2 stars and 3 stars In Imagine How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer presents a series of experimental findings and narratives, and draws them together to into an optimistic thesis on creativity and innovation But there are two books here there s the successful book, the book where Lehrer is a capable wordsmith with a knack for describing and synthesizing these scientific findings and their implications in a way that is accessible to a lay audience and then there is the mediocre book, the book where Lehrer substitutes anecdotes for evidence, where he lets latter points undermine positions formerly established, where he allows his rhetorical flourish to obfuscate the point he is trying to make And it is with that in mind that I closed the covers with mixed feelings.Lehrer s optimistic thesis in a nutshell Creative Genius 1 is not some rare gift that only a remarkable and privileged few are born with instead, Creative Genius is the product of exposure to diverse ideas, 2 the synthesis...

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    Hilarious I ve had pointed out to me that the author just got sacked from The New Yorker for making up the Dylan comments in this book.Story here Lehrer, a staff writer for the New Yorker, has resigned after admitting to falsifying quotes.After earlier disputing claims made by a magazine writer, Lehrer admitted on Monday that he had been guilty of making up and misattributing quotes about Bob Dylan in his best selling book, Imagine How Creativity Works.Never get in the way of an obsessed Dylan fan, Lehrer I hope you are no relation to the great man.The big issue here is not even that the prat made up some Dylan, in...

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    Liar, LiarPants on fire

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    July 31 update Lehrer is exposed as a big fat liar and this book is removed from the shelves because of fake Dylan quotes see NY Times article is sad is that no one in the publishing world seems to have a high enough degree of scientific literacy to tell that Lehrer has just been b sh ing the whole time Dylan quotes someone is an expert on that But science we ll just believe whatever the cute dork says Original review below This is an entertaining book because its ideas are counterintuitive The problem is that the reason the ideas are counterintuitive is that they are wrong.Take for example, the chapter on how brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea This is the chapter that was probably most mentioned in reviews The reader would be much better served watching a short Nightline video on the design firm IDEO to see how brainstorming does work in the real world to produce many of the real products that surround us Lehrer s book does not mention IDEO let alone explain how he deals with this inconvenient contradiction to his thesis This is a suspiciously conspicuous hole The fact that a giant design firm not only uses brainstorming but actively evangelizes for it is sort of a problem for the case that brainstorming is a myth Lehrer himself acknowledges the success of IDEO in his New Yorker article on this same topic Lehrer s eviden...

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    I m than half way through and maybe it s just my left brain even though tests show I m sort of right brained getting in the way but I m rather frustrated about how every chapter seems to say no, it s not just what we said in the previous chapter, it s this Like relaxation is essential unless you re productive when you re under stress Then stress ADHD sufferers excel, except here, take some amphetamines and focus intently, except, hey, you lost all that right brained disparate input Perhaps it s a sign o...

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    While this is a fun book, much of it seems to be quite obvious, and covered in numerous other books This is especially true for the first half of the book, which is titled Alone I did not need to read, for the umpteenth time, how an engineer at 3M invented post it notes Likewise, it is so obvious that some of the most creative people are those whose expertise spans multiple areas.The second half of the book, titled Together , was interesting to me For example, I did not know that the area of San Jose was highly innovatives long before the inventions of electronics Even when the area was agricultural, for the past hundred years it scored high in terms of the number of patents per capita I m not sure this can be explained unfortunately, the book does not really explore the reason for this.On the other hand, the book does explain why Silicon Valley became innovative after the development of electronics There are a couple of reasons, all having to do with the sharing of information among engineers there They tend to have after work drinks at a small number of watering holes Non compete clauses are not enforced there And, there is a high rate of turnover among the technically skilled engineers.While it seems obvi...

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    I heard the author interviewed on Fresh Air and was utterly fascinated He told so many interesting stories, such as every researcher at 3M gets an hour a day of their workday to do whatever they want ta...

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    wellI did think this book was great Until I found out that he fabricated quotes in the Bob Dylan chapter and then lied to cover it up It seems likely the investigation is still ongoing that of the book is fabr...

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    In light of recent developments, I feel the need to rewrite my initially positive review Fabricating sources to support your thesis is plagiarism of the worst sort and something I struggled against while teaching composition to undergrads I did enjoy the book, but now that the quotes are in question, ...

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    FASCINATING Well researched and well written Some things seem like well duh but they really aren t If you are creative, if you aren t creative check this book out It will enhance your creative powers, and validate HOW you get to your creative state...

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