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Golden IslandPublished In Germany As Delphinensommer Translated From German Andrula Shared A One Room Home With Her Widowed Mother On The Shore Of Kalonysos, A Small, Distant Island In The Aegean Sea One Day, Andrula Wandered To A Remote Cove And Sat Hours By Herself, Gazing At The Horizon There As Though Floating Above The Water And Shining Gold In The Sunset Was An Island She D Never Seen Before Nearby, A Dolphin Dove And Leaped Among The Rocks In Her Loneliness, Andrula Spoke To The Dolphin, Asking About This Strange And Beautiful Island.Thus Began Andrula S Joyous Summer Of New Friendship And Adventure, As Day After Day The Dophin Carried Her Across The Sea To The Island Hyria, Where Nereids, Fauns, Even A Centaur Welcomed Her To The Free And Happy Life She Craved Returning To Her Mother And Their Harsh Existence Was Impossible For Andrula, Until An Unexpected Visitor Arrived On Kalonysos.

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    This is the first book that comes to mind when I think of books of my childhood I always loved books about animals I can t think of a single one of my favourite childhood books that aren t about animals I also loved the setting in Greek The struggles of a poor, widowed mother in a village that doesn t think much of single mothers, and Andrula s ambiguity about this deeply touched me On the one hand, she saw how difficult it was for her mother, on the other hand, she wanted to be a carefree girl I loved her curiosity, her drive for freedom, and her yearning The island whe...

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    As a child, I always resented the Virgin Mary when she forbade the dolphin from taking Andrula to the magic island I always wished that Andrula could stay on the island forever instead of moving away with her new family.Now that I m older, I realize that if Andrula had stayed on the island, eventually s...

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