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Many Lives, Many MastersAs A Traditional Psychotherapist, Dr Brian Weiss Was Astonished And Skeptical When One Of His Patients Began Recalling Past Life Traumas That Seemed To Hold The Key To Her Recurring Nightmares And Anxiety Attacks His Skepticism Was Eroded, However, When She Began To Channel Messages From The Space Between Lives, Which Contained Remarkable Revelations About Dr Weiss Family And His Dead Son Using Past Life Therapy, He Was Able To Cure The Patient And Embark On A New, Meaningful Phase Of His Own Career.

[[ Ebook ]] ➨ Many Lives, Many Masters Author Brian L. Weiss – Buyantivirus.us
  • ebook
  • 208 pages
  • Many Lives, Many Masters
  • Brian L. Weiss
  • English
  • 09 August 2017
  • 9781451694598

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    This is one of the worst books I ve ever read parading as a scientific analysis when it is nothing of the sort.Dr Weiss has conducted his research without scientific protocols or peer review, yet as a scientist , Dr Weiss should have the skills and resources necessary to have conducted his investigation properly and scientifically The fact that he chose not to has, I believe, discredited his book as a work of fairy tale like fiction.Rather than a conventional review, I will go through some of the claims made in the book, page by page, and show how it s full of nonsense.Page 27 28 In regressing under hypnosis an anonymous patient called Catherine to a past life , Dr Weiss claims that Catherine can vividly see that, The year is 1863 BC Yet this date could not have existed at that time, so how could Catherine possibly have seen it In later hypnosis sessions, Catherine was only able to reveal the date of her past life if she could see or hear it so it makes a complete nonsense of history to be able to see a date that didn t exist contemporaneously.Page 28 In another hypnosis session, Catherine claimed that her daughter from 1863 BC, called Cleastra, was her niece in ...

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    Half a Stay Away, Stay Away Star The lowest rating I have ever given a book that I completed Worst Read of 2015 This was wretched but I had to read it to the end Believe it or not it was worse than the Celestine Prophecy remember that one I decided I just have...

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    Wow This book was INCREDIBLE It s now one of my favorites I read it in only two days I would totally recommend it to anybody, adults and older kids It s about a woman who goes to a therapist to get help with her anxiety and phobia problems The therapist whose point of view the book is told from then hypnotizes her to find the source of her phobias, and the woman starts telling him accurate details about her past lives There is even to the book, but I won t give it away...

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    This was an interesting one and a fast read It kept me up late two nights in a row You know, you have to read these things with an open mind, but also with a critical one You can t just completely accept or reject what he has to say His and Catherine s experiences about past lives are truly fascinating, and no matter how you feel about reincar...

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    AMAZING is the world Well this book is about Dr Brian Weiss of Yale who s a very logical person untill he met catherine, the patient who was depressed, tried to hypnotised her into her childhood so as to know the cause of trauma , how she goes beyond that.into many of her pervious lifetimes, how the events in our present life are predefined according to our past lives , how we have to understand conqiure negative feelings in our life for our spiritual growth, the immense peace nd love soul experiences once it leaves the body nd goes to the MASTERS gods or whatever , how our soul reviews present lifetime nd tells the masters the lessons it has learnt, how it decides the souls it will interact in next life according to karma, how souls immensely in love in one life time reincarnates together in many 2 next lifetimes , how our most hatefull enemy will keep on giving us company in many lifetimes if v can t really forgive them and understand th...

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    I have to agree with what all of my friends have said about this book it is amazing and you cannot put it down a read it in a few hours but the information in it will stay with me for a lifetime and maybe longer Everyone should read this book All those times you have felt a connection with people and not known why or have realized that you have impacted someone s life in an amazing, yet unintentional way it will ...

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    Just wow Amazing read This is truly a spiritually awakening book Weiss does a great job of diving straight to the point, sharing his revelations, and telling stories through an all around approach with no bias He explains his experience as a skeptic turned believer which I really enjoyed he s a realist This has easily become one of the best books I ve ever read He even mentioned Dr Raymond A Moody Jr s studies, which is one of my favs The and I read about the soul spirit, life, death the correlations I see from all different angles How can so many people from all different parts of the world, religious backgrounds, and childhoods have such detailed similarities in their stories There has to be truth in it all which brings me so much peace and understanding in this human experience we re all apart of I feel like I just had a lesson with the other side An essential life lesson to help guide me through life, like I literally spoke to a higher power...

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    Pretty fascinating read Is it true I d like to think so, but who knowsI recommend it as a feel good page turner for the spiritually inclined.

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